An executive's time is precious, and I always found my time was well spent focused on the following key questions:

  • Where will my business come from?
  • How can I make money at it?
  • How can I collect it?
New Business Nut Cracker

It takes luck to land a big account, right? You bet it does, and it's no coincidence that the smarter you work, the luckier you get. I can teach you how to improve your luck with proven methods to crack any industry.

Not in the Equipment Finance Industry?

Maybe it's time you looked into it. I can show you why you should and how to do it.

Turnaround Time Tuneup

Turnaround times are getting shorter. Are you losing business because someone else is faster? Does your benchmark prevent you from even approaching new clients? Maybe it's time for a Tune-Up. Don't worry; new software isn't the only answer.

Income Epiphany

So you've landed a big account! Congratulations! But the pricing wasn't what you hoped? Don't worry. There are ways to turn a Loss Leader into a Crown Jewel. This is my favorite topic!

MDA (Masters of Delinquent Accounts)

Delinqencies too high? Credit standards must be too loose, right? Maybe not. Maybe your collection efforts need structure and guidance. Maybe you can charge more (think money) if you collect better. Or maybe your credit standards are too loose and you just need to get your arms around your receivables. Either way, I can help!

Asset Quality Exam Cram

Are the Examiners coming to town? This doesn't have to be bad news. Wouldn't it be nice if they skipped an exam? Yes, it would, and I can show you how to earn than privilege - I did!

Policy and Procedure Physical

Is your business getting a little sloppy? Maybe your policies and procedures need a check-up. Maybe they need an overhaul. You do have policies, don't you? In any case, this is a thankless job that can't be put off forever. I can help!

Systems Analysis

Are you typing documents or searching for files? Do you forget what you told your customer because your sticky note fell off your monitor? What would it take to get your office geared up the way it should be? Do you have any idea how a paperless office would look or benefit you? You may be surprised at what you're missing - in terms of money.

Disaster Recovery Shakeup

I used to think that the Disaster Recovery Plan was a mandated overhead expenditure until I was the one standing outside my building when the fire crew was inside. Our office was closed in one town on Friday night and opened for business in another on Monday morning - no kidding. I can show you if your plan has what it takes to keep your doors open - from an executive point of view.